Recipe to Prepare Delicious Oven Fried Chicken in Southern Style

Tasty food is the best way to reduce stress and tension. If you’re spouse is too much down with the work pressure and has no time to take you out for dinners.

Then, how about making your partner, feel special by cooking something delicious at home and enjoying it with him. As it is said that the most perfect way to a man’s hearts is right through his stomach, then wait no more.

Go ahead and plan something for him now. So, now comes the topic that what you should cook in order to make your husband happy.

Well, we all love chicken especially, when it is fried. But, we humans can’t live on the fried food stuff alone. So, thanks to the kindness of the smart chefs, who have adopted the healthier ways i.e. oven fried food.

When we fry or bake chicken in oven, its taste becomes more juicy and savory while the nutrients also stay with the food.

Thus, baking chicken in oven will not only give you a delicious meal, but a healthier one too.

So, preparing chicken in oven is a great idea. Now, how about giving it a southern touch? It would be different, more delicious, simple yet amazing idea for a perfect dinner with your partner.

This simple and delicious oven baked or fried chicken is very well coated with the mixture of seasoned flour and completely baked with butter, to give it an appetizing finish.

It is indeed one of the best picnic style meals too. So, here is a quick recipe to help in preparing delicious and healthy chicken.

Fried Chicken

Ingredients for preparing Oven fried Chicken in southern style:-

  • Three and a half cup of bread crumbs (gluten free)
  • Two table spoon thyme (dried)
  • One table spoon fresh and grounded black pepper
  • One table spoon basil (dried)
  • One table spoon oregano (dried)
  • One table spoon curry powder
  • One table spoon grounded cumin
  • One table spoon garlic powder
  • Half tea spoon salt
  • One forth tea spoon cayenne
  • White of two large egg
  • One and one forth cup of butter milk (low fat)
  • Three complete boneless and skinless breasts of chicken, spilt or boneless 6 chicken thighs


  1. Preheat the oven at to 450 degree of temperature.
  2. Now take a medium sized bowl, add spices and breadcrumbs and stir it well. Reserve it.
  3. Take another medium-sized bowl; beat the whites of egg and buttermilk, collectively.
  4. Dip all pieces of chicken in that mixture and roll it over the breadcrumb mixture. Try to coat the lose crumbs perfectly into the chicken.
  5. Place each chicken piece on no-stick sheet.
  6. Bake it for 25 minutes, till it turns golden. Bake on both sides.
  7. Serve hot and enjoy a gluten free an protein rich delicious meal at home!

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