Ride On Vehicles: A Perfect Gift for Every Toddler

Remote control Ride On Cars are in trend these days. It is the perfect gift that you can present your young toddler with. Electric cars aren’t just exciting and fun to ride, but also a perfect option to develop the eye-hand coordination for your kids as they start learning steering, stopping and accelerating their motorized cars.

When you see the your child’s smiling, ecstatic face as you bring them a ride on car, there is nothing more in the world that you could desire. These battery operated cars carry specs like working lights and posh seats.  It will be amazing to see your kid driving and sharing these cars with their friends or siblings. These will teach them the lesson like cooperating and sharing.

The toddler size cars with remote control allow the parent to join in on the fun until their child is ready to start driving themselves. These toys teach the little ones the right moves of backing up and steering. The slower versions of the car reach up to 2mph while the max speed is 5mph. These are designed for patios, indoors and sidewalks, but most of them aren’t good for hills and grass.

The toddlers learn to sit on their seats on these cars and as they grow, they can move ahead to the battery powered toddler tractors, motorbikes, scooters and more. The ride on cars are modeled as per the real-life models of BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Camaro, Hummer etc. Boys like to drive tractors and imitate exactly what they witness farmers doing. Usually the kid’s tractor feature accessories like front loaders and trailers.

For the motor sports lovers, there is a complete range of Racing Cars, Quad Bikes and Go Karts which is the exact imitation of the real thing. The ride-on car has been designed to teach the kids the fundamentals of driving. One should go for the models that have reverse and forward gears, ignition start and a feet accelerator. Thus, when they get older, it will be simpler for them to acknowledge the driving concept in their driving school.

Ride on Cars: A Must Have Toy for Growing Kids

Ride-on cars are a significant part of the development years for a kid. It helps in defining a strong personality for your growing kids and also provides them a means to accomplish their need for speed. The cars come in many different shapes and sizes to suit your needs and are made to be kid friendly.

The reliable build quality, good paint, elite detailing make the interior and exteriors of the car life like. These serve as a good medium for your kids so that they can spend long hours playing with these vehicles. If you’re really looking forward to surprise your kid with something unique and exciting which their friends will envy, then get them Remote Control Ride on Cars. Your kids are going to love it for its special extras, brilliant features and real life-like imitation.

Cartots.com presents you with the widest range of remote control ride on, ride on vehicles, motorbikes, scooters as well as accessories. Whether you’re looking for electricity powered vehicles, electric powered coupes or battery powered automobiles, you can find them in every power. These ride ons are available for kids ranging 2 to 4 years, 4 to 7 years and 8 to 12 years and beyond. The online portal has scooters that adults and teens can also enjoy. The best part is all the products are well-priced and teamed with brilliant customer service. Further features of this site which makes them reliable are:

  • They are primary ride on car sellers
  • The site offers complete customer support
  • The payout process is safe and encrypted

The site offers remote control ride on cars for toddlers through which the parents have every control on their kids as they use wireless controller to help their little ones drive around. The power wheels of these remote control cars are amazing and will leave your kids astonished. There are many more versions which are completely controlled by the kids.

Choose From the Wide Range of Products Available At Cartots

In today’s time, kids require something unique, technical and amazing to play. And what better way could you offer them to play interestingly other than ride on cars! Cartots brings you an exciting collection of these cars to enjoy. The vehicle gets assembled easily and all the instructions are clear. The mini car looks lovely. You also have options of gear shift to go forward and back.

There are keys and options of MP3 player to hear to songs. The horns beep, you hear the roaring sound while starting the engine and there are headlights which switch on along with turn signals too. The best part is that the car is rechargeable with the included wall charger so you don’t have to purchase extra batteries. Let’s take a look at some of the products offered by Car Tots:

  • The Special Edition Remote Control LaFerrari comes with excellent detailing and is genuine replica of Ferrari. It features authentic badges, MP3 sound system, LED lights, push button start, sound and dual 12V motors. It is decked with Full function 2.4G Bluetooth like technology as remote control for parents whose kids are too small to reach the foot pedal. Your young toddler can easily steer wheel and foot pedal to operate the vehicle.
  • BMW i8 Fully Licensed 12V Ride on Car with 2.4G Remote Control is the extra replica of the BMW i8 sports car. If your kids loves sports car, then this is the perfect gift for him/ her. Car Tots give you the deluxe version with customized leather seat along with 2.4GHz wireless remote control for your kids who aren’t ready to drive yet. This mind blowing, sleek magical i8 version looks exactly like real car with steering wheel and foot pedal. It has the real engine sound and working headlights.

So, if you’re really looking forward to gift something smart and feasible for your young researcher, then go for it. Car Tots gives you the facility to place your order from the comfort of your home and enjoy quick delivery. Just unbox the car and assemble the parts to present it to your kid. It is simply amazing to see what Car Tots has designed and how it makes the kids happy.

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