Save Yourself from Free Gift Cards Scam when Shopping Online

If you have received a text message that claims to give you a free gift card, then according to the people the best thing to do is to delete it.

Recently a large number of mobile phone subscribers have received text messages that claim to help them shop worth around $5000-10000.

Free Gift CardsAnd do you really believe that these are all scams?

These types of messages request the user to text them back to be able to use a link that will enable them to use the card. The link once accessed leads to a number of formalities including the trial of free services which then lead to charges for the user.

It is worth noting that the gift card, however, has not been issued by the company or brand itself, and thus the entire episode is a scam. If you are already being scammed by any such company you can try getting fund recovery services to possibly get your funds back.

The free Gift card entices the user to click on the links that have been created through proxy servers. The main catch here is that on occasions the message when replied to credits some cash into your phone which tends to create a feeling of the card being genuine. The links that follow thereafter however take a long time to process and the user has to go through a lot of formalities to be able to avail the offer.

Many mobile phone users have enquired about the offer to the people and there has been a general confusion regarding the same. The Free gift card can sound very attractive and the amount which can be promised on it is in the range of $5000-$10000 making it all the more enticing. So do not fall for the scam and do not trust such messages before you verify it over the internet or at the actual store.

I am here not trying to say that all the free gift cards, free gifts, coupons or voucher codes offered by the company or top brands are scam. But I just want to make people cleverer by getting an idea about the genuineness of company and gifts offered by them. They should try to find more information of the cards online and confirm about the genuineness before getting the advantage offered. This way you can save yourself from all the trouble thereafter and can enjoy an opportunity of safe and convenient online shopping.

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