Why it’s Important to Take Time off and Relax

Have you ever felt as if you’ve reached a point of burnout or frustration? Whether it’s from the obligations of daily life, the needs of your family or the requirements of your career. Push too hard and your mind starts to push back. You start feeling unmotivated and your creativity dwindles.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s time to take a few days off and relax. Whether it’s a camping trip with the family or a relaxing spa day, taking a moment to escape the hustle and bustle of the real world can do wonders for your mental health.

Granted, not all of us have the means of affording this as frequently as we’d like to, but there are a number of ways that you can ease your mind for a moment or two before getting back into action. Here’s why that’s important.

It Gives Your Brain a Fresh Perspective

Research suggests that with the way social media is embedded in our lives today, our attention spans are taking a toll. This results in a decreased ability to concentrate on work for extended periods of time. As a result, we tend to switch our attention to something more enjoyable, such as a mobile game or a few minutes of music.

As it turns out, this happens for good reason – assuming we do it in moderation. Turning our attention to something else allows us to switch to a different part of our brain, giving us a fresh perspective and allowing us to solve problems more effectively. The key here is balance. You could use techniques such as the Pomodoro Technique to achieve this.

Relaxation is key to Quality of Life

Clearly, rest is important. It eliminates a build-up of stress, which can otherwise skew our perception of the meaning of life: which is definitely not to work. If anything, work should only be seen as a means of affording us the resources to enjoy the more important things in life, such as your family, hobbies, and interests.

That’s not to say work can’t be enjoyed, but once again, balance is necessary. One cannot obtain all their joy from work alone. Fortunately, giving your mind some off time is a simple as taking a good vacation.

Take a Vacation More Often

According to brain researchers, the minimum of six working days leave in Thailand and even the 10 working days Americans get is simply not enough. The mental health benefits that you get from a vacation should be replenished as often as possible.

With Thailand being as affordable as it is, a relaxing spa day can do wonders for your mental health without emptying your wallet. Be sure to check out a spa Phuket, where you can unwind with a blissful massage at the Pearl of the Andaman Sea.


Whatever your idea of an enjoyable, relaxing time is, be sure to incorporate as much of it into your week as possible without impacting your ability to perform at work. A good work-life balance is key to an overall healthy mind and body, so don’t hesitate to take that vacation.

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