The Earthly Taurus Traits

People born from 20th April to 20th May are strongly influenced under Taurus sun sign. It is second sign of the twelve sun signs in the Zodiac almanac. The sun sign carries the animal sign of the bull, but the characteristics are isn’t of that bull in a ring. People under this sign are gentle, friendly, and peace-loving with a natural beauty that adds charm to their personality. The stubborn nature is only witness when they are angry at someone who is disturbing their congruence.


The people with Taurus traits simple to understand, they are patience, reliable, persistent and resilient. They put more emphasis on bonding and relationship cultivating into long term successful relationships. Being and earthly sign, they are born practical. Taurus people live with their feet on their ground.

A Taurus will like to stay surrounded people since; they are no loner. They are the most counted on friend which one can have to himself/herself. Because of their sensuality which comes with a tint of practicality, they are often asked for advices.

Career Options

People that fall under Taurus traits are good at hands on task. These people are usually found working at something that gives them pleasure, wellbeing, and beauty. They lead a lifestyle with greater wealth and like to spend on materialistic things.

Taurus Relationships

Because the sign is ruled by Venus, they are very romantic and charming. Their marital life is pacific and is known to be highly loyal and devotional towards their family. They are best compatible with Virgo and Capricorn people.

The Good and The Bad

The Good: People falling under Taurus traits lead a secure life and are independent in all the matters. They are no monotonous types, and most of them have their hobbies to look after.

The Bad: They are possessive and can be dispensed to jealousy. They are hardly seen with the anger, but when provoked you will experience real bull anger within.


The lucky stone is Turquoise
Blue is the suited colour
The ruling element is Earth
The ruling planet is Venus

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