The Must Haves In Your Ultimate Baby Registry

One thing you should do once you learn that there is a new member to be added to your family is to find a good baby registry after doing proper research from the humongous list of Universal Baby Registries. It does not mean that you are greedy or anticipating a huge number of gifts for your baby. It is just a shopping guideline for your newborn and a way to control your overbuying of baby gear.

Once the baby shower is over, you will realize that there are more things to buy apart from the baby detergents and mini clothes. Here is a list of the must-haves for your list.

The Must Haves

There are a few compulsory things that should feature in your Ultimate Baby Registry, and one of those is a car seat that can also be used to carry baby around. If you have more than one car, then it is better to have an extra car seat base, though it is not compulsory.

You should also have a stroller that you can push around when not carrying baby in the car seat. This strollers should be light and easy to fit in the car.

The breast pump is another essential item for your list, especially if you are going to be a nursing mama. There are small hand pumps or mini-electric pumps that will serve you just fine. For the working moms, it is better to have a double pump, which is bigger than its other variants.

Things Everyone Includes

There are a few things that you will find on almost every list, and one of the most common items is clothing. Babies grow fast, so it makes sense to register for clothes in all sizes up to twelve months only.

Another popular addition is onesies, especially the hard-to-find long-sleeve ones. Parents always say you will blow through these faster than you can think.

Apart from that, on most baby registries, you will also find lots of mini sweatpants, shirts that are not onesies, multiple pairs of socks, different caps, and lots and lots of stuffed toys.

The Nice To Haves

There are a few things that you will love to add to the list as well, like three pieces of 1×1 meter receiving blankets. Take care that the ends are finished properly.

Diaper bins with maximum stink control are also good to have, and so is a proper sleeping place for the newborn. There are many options available. You may want to choose a co-sleeper or a sleeping basket, or both.

Pack and play crib sheets of different sizes, washable bouncy seats, infant bathtubs, diaper bags, toy clips, nursing pillows for easy breastfeeding, mattresses, and a mobile for your baby’s crib are a few other things that are nice to have.

For The Taste Of Luxury

There are some luxury items you can add to your lists, like a mobile for the changing table, extra changing pads and pad covers, sun shades for the car windows, fluffy bath towels, a cage for pacifiers and bottle bits, a bottle drying rack and much more. A glider or a rocker instead of a simple chair is better to have as well.

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