Tips for Packing Your Maternity Hospital Bag

Having a new born baby is really exciting but it is nerve-wracking as well. To feel relaxed in the hospital, while you await the new born baby, consider carrying a maternity bag having all the essential items you need.

There are various tips that have to be followed while you pack the hospital bag.

If the pregnancy is considered to be high risk, you are recommended to pack the bags earlier.

For lower pregnancy start packing around 30-35 weeks. The ones who have scheduled induction like c-section pack, they need to pack 2-3 weeks before.

Packing enough items and bags

Whatever items you pack, whether it is clothes, undergarments or food, pack enough so that it caters the entire hospital stay. The standard stay in the hospital is 2 days if the delivery has no complications. For the c-section, the stay is 3 days. Pack items for extra days also.

There must be three bags to be packed by you. One bag will belong to you, the other for the baby and the last one for your partner. Keep the baby’s bag and the partner’s bag in the car till the new born baby comes to this world. This will save space in the delivery room.

The need to carry the papers

This should be the foremost item included in the bag. Bring your and the partner’s ID card, the insurance papers, the pre-admission paper, the list of people to call when the baby is born.

Carrying the hospital gown

It is true that the hospital will be providing the gown but you need to carry your own. Try to make the gown yourself. Have a look at the online tutorials to get some idea. Make your own pattern of gown or buy from the market.

Carrying the necessities!

When you pack the maternity hospital bag, do not forget to add the necessities. Socks need to be carried along with the grooming items. When talking of the hospital surface, it is pretty cold and the no slip grip makes it further cold. Add the socks which are not very new. Besides the socks, carry the headbands and clips. If you do not want the hair to stick to you, carry proper bands.

Cosmetic items are very essential to look presentable. A lot many guests are going to visit you. Hence, you at least need to carry the lip balm, some blusher, natural shampoo and talc. Your lips are going to get dry too often, carry lip balms for sure. Carry phones, cameras, pillows, blanket and a giant water bottle to stay hydrated.

Carrying toiletry items a must!

Toiletries need to be carried to stay clean and hygienic. Carry moisturizer, hair brush, lotion, eye makeup, cleanser, makeup removal, mirror, mouth wash kit, hair accessories.

What kind of clothes to carry?

When packing your maternity bag, never forget to keep the clothes. Add 3-4 outfits which are loose and that which you wore when 6 months pregnant. The clothes must not rub the incision in case you have a C-Section.

There is no end to the list of tips to be followed. Being a mother is always an amazing experience. Nursing tank tops must be there in the bag always. When you end up packing your bag, show it someone who is experienced in maternity care.

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