10 Tips On How To Enjoy Being A Mom

Enjoy Being A Mom

Most women crave the satisfaction and fulfillment that comes with motherhood, what they may not know is that parenthood is not always a rosy experience. While most moms love their children and would go to any lengths to please them, there are moments when moms feel like their lives are spinning out of control.

Generally motherhood comes with its own set of responsibilities, when you combine these with postpartum depression and baby blues; you are likely to get a toxic cocktail. In some instances new moms start doubting their ability to raise the child and even wonder why they do not enjoy being a mom.

Enjoy Being A Mom

Enjoy Being A Mom

If there are days when you feel like motherhood is driving you crazy, rest assured that you are in good company. Most women will tell you that racing after a kamikaze toddler trying to prevent him from happily electrocuting himself or jumping from high places can be energy sapping.

If you combine this with sleep-deprived nights when your child wakes up every 2 hours screaming from acid reflux, you start wondering what is so good about being a mom.

In spite of the many challenges that most moms faces especially with their first child, motherhood can be a great and enjoyable experience. Here is how to enjoy being a mommy:

1. Take a bath with your baby

Take a bath with your child. If possible take the bath when your hubby is around for the handoff, this will give you an opportunity to relax until the last minute. Whatever you do, do not forget to smell the baby right afterward, you will be rewarded with a heavenly experience.

2. Create chaos occasionally and spin a good story about it

On St. Patrick’s Day, turn the furniture upside down, dye the eggs and milk green and get your house to look chaotic. When your children wake up, inform them that the leprechauns had visited.

3. Visit the beach

Go to the beach during low season. Throw rocks in the water, collect shells and put them in a vase. Use these as shelf décor in your living room.

4. Use children as an excuse

Use your children as an excuse to engage in silly activities such as moon bouncing, eating mac or cheese for dinner. You can also use your children to avoid going to events you do not fancy such as office parties or weddings.

5. Keep a Goddess mom box

Have someone take pictures of you and your children every Mother’s Day. Keep all the pictures together with ticket stubs, special cards and mementos that make you feel good about having babies in a shoe box. Every year go through the mom box and see how much your kids have grown.

6. Shop for your baby more and more

Shopping for a baby is a great fun for new moms. Especially when it comes to buying new clothes for them, it becomes quite thrilling when you see them online. At sites such as laminimas.com there is huge variety where you can shop for them at a great price without affecting your budget.

So buy them more and more and make yourself pleased.

7. Master the art of rising to every occasion and enjoying it

Motherhood has a way of bringing joy even when experiencing the toughest challenges. In the midst of all these you need to learn how to rise to any occasion which will help to lift you to new heights while stretching your abilities beyond limits.

In spite of the days when you will feel like you are going crazy, there will never be a dull moment in your life. Motherhood gives you the opportunity to stay young forever; you can kick off your shoes and let down your hair as you soak in love beyond measure.

8. Experience healing by their joy

Every mother will tell you that nothing feels better than coming home after a tough day and receiving a big bear hug or smile from their child.

You could have been fuming all the way home due to work-related issues, but the moment you get home and listen to your children discuss their day and what they learned or simply hear them giggling as they watch a movie-everything seems alright in your world.

9. Begin perceiving things through curious eyes

Being a mom means that you have a hectic life filled with feedings, diaper changes and tantrums. In the midst of all this, take the time to play, interact and see things from your baby’s perspective.

Simple activities such as playing with your child and making him laugh so hard that he almost falls or hearing your 10-month old baby say ‘Mama’ will simply refresh your spirit. While life was good when you were a single lady, life is even better when you have been given the privilege of molding, teaching, helping and bringing up a child.

10. Experience every emotion

Motherhood comes with a wide range of emotions. There will be days when your heart is broken and days when your joy will know no bounds. Experiencing all these emotions gives your life a purpose. Motherhood involves walking around with your nerves raw and exposed. It is the most extreme measure of being alive but nothing can be compared with it.

The above are just some of the few ideas that you can use to help you enjoy being a mom. You can borrow from these tips and come up with customized ideas that can fit your own situation. Here the rule of the thumb is to enjoy interacting with your children and enhancing the experience of motherhood.

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