Transforming a Nursery to a Bedroom

As our tiny bundles of joy grow into bigger children it is a bitter sweet moment but watching them develop into another stage of childhood is always rewarding. As your child grows, their room grows around them and once they are out of their cot and into a bed it is often not long until it is time to redecorate with a more “grown up theme”.

The great thing about redecorating your child’s room is that they can help you to decide what they want, offer input and inject personality into their own space – until when their nursery was first decorated.

Including your child in the decisions for their room can be a great experience for both of you – for a child it can help them be more proud of their space and comfortable in it, which is especially helpful for only children. For us it lets us bond with our child as we pour over magazines, trail through DIY shops and browse online department stores to create the perfect space.

Nursery to a Bedroom 1

But what is essential for a child’s bedroom?

A Quiet Space

Although your child is still young this room should last him a good few years before it needs updating again – so creating a quiet space that can double as a reading nook or homework area is a great addition. Even at a young age children benefit from a private area, where they can enjoy quiet time to themselves.

Books, good lighting and comfortable furniture such as bean bags all make for a great space, whilst using different colours and coloured lighting can help set a mood for the area.

A Chalkboard Wall

Whilst encouraging children not to draw all over our walls is quite high on our list of priorities, chalkboard walls are great for helping children to express themselves, practice numbers and letters and of course play teacher.

A “grown up” Bed

Whilst buying your three year old a king size bed might be a bit extreme, spending the time to buy a bigger bed can be a great idea for the long run. Buying a racing car or princess bed will make your son or daughter very happy and can be a great investment, but they will grow out of it sooner than you think and be begging for a basic single.

A plain white, black or wooden bed is a much safer option – posters, bed covers and ornaments can inject the princess or racing car themes that your children want. A simple mosquito net and fairy lights can create a perfect princess bed in a matter of moments!

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