Trichomoniasis Treatment and Symptoms

Trichomoniasis is sexually transmitted disease which is caused by a microscopic parasite known as protozoan found usually in urethral tissues and vagina.

This ailment mainly affects women but recently it has been seen that men too get infected by this STD.

TrichomoniasisThe various symptoms of trichomoniasis are:

In women:

  • Vaginal itching
  • Yellow or gray-green colored discharge
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Smelly, frothy, itchy and foamy discharge
  • Pain while urination

In men:

  • Pain while urination
  • Pain and swelling in scrotum
  • Urethral discharge

Check out some effective ways for trichomoniasis treatment written below in the article!

Antibiotics prescribed by doctors wonderfully treats this STD. there are certain alternative therapies too which helps in getting control over trichomoniasis symptoms.

Home therapies can be also used but only after nice consultation with doctor otherwise it can lead to development of other harmful sexually transmitted infections like Chlamydia, HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea.

Some people believe that lying in a warm bath can helps in killing parasite responsible for this ailment. You can even add lemon juice to either of these douches for trichomoniasis treatment.

  • Vinegar douch: add 1 tsp vinegar to 1 quart warm water and lye in it.
  • Yogurt douch or a solution of lactobacillius acidophilus too helps in treating this STD.
  • Even aromatherapy helps in combating the symptoms of trichomoniasis. Adding bergamot oil to your douches or bathing water can help magically in reducing the irritating discharge.

The medical treatment of trichomoniasis includes metronidazole (flagyl) except in first three months of pregnancy.

In initial stages of pregnancy, you can go for clotrimazole. Alcohol should be totally avoided while taking this drug otherwise you can get affected by ailments like vomiting and abdominal pain.

Metronidazole pill can be taken twice a day for 7 days.

Clotrimazole is inserted into vagina at night for 14 days. This undoubtedly decreases symptoms of trichomoniasis but its cure rate is only 20%.

For prevention of trichomoniasis disease, abstinence is a great way to avoid contraction of this STD. you would be glad to know that safe sex and hygiene conditions do a lot in trichomoniasis treatment. Check out some ways to prevent the occurrence of trichomoniasis:

  • Shower after you over with your swimming session.
  • Wear condoms to prevent occurrence of STD’s.
  • Avoid sharing swimsuits and towels with others.
  • Always make sure you wash your private parts with plain water before and after intercourse.

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