Troggball – A new spin on an old familiar toy. Trogg on!

There’s a new toy to spice up your lazy weekends. Troggball as they call it is a new spin on the old paper football. Its innovative design allows it to be customizable for a variety of games. You can draw comparisons of the same with Frisbee or yo yo but then its added advantage of this is in the fact that it is multipurpose and tends to both kids and adults. The product quality is definitely world class.


How is Troggball better than paper football?

Paper football has always been an addictive game. But drawbacks like the finesse of the table, the quality of paper has always constrained the expected movements and tricks possible. Made with ABS plastic, the troggball definitely is a winner in this case. It makes paper football a smooth and easier experience. Its geometric design allows it to slide easily to the other end of the table and enables more control to the players. Plus the spring action locks make it convenient to make those free kicks.

Imagining and Creativity was never so much fun!

Troggball allows the scope of imagination and involves the kid to cook up new games. Because of its various possibilities, kids can now create their own games with their own set of rules. At the same time trying the troggball can be a stress relieving experience for the adult. It is designed for leisure and is perfectly suited for family Sundays. Its unique appeal is in the fact that it mixes challenge with imagination. It comes in various colors and collecting them can also be a part of the fun.

The project for this new game is currently on Kickstart and looking for fundings. It states itself to be the ultimate game of imagination, and we can understand why. With the new touch the game does look better and more challenging.

Troggball allows us to return to the times when we didn’t need the mobile phone to be distracted. It takes us back to the board games and the outdoor fun. It celebrates the ultimate imagination possible and promises a great relaxing experience. So are we ready to trogg on?

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