What Are The Different Types Of Diamonds?

types of diamonds

When you talk about jewellery, there is nothing more sparkling than diamonds. Even the tiniest diamonds have a sparkle which no other gemstones can match.

Gemmologists have classified these gems into several categories based on their physical and chemical properties. In this article, you will know what are the different types of diamonds:

How Do You Classify Diamonds?

When purchase diamonds, usually people look for color, carat, clarity and cut. Seasoned buyers, also think about the type of diamonds before making a purchase.

These sparkling jewel items are carbon compounds. There are two ways to classify diamonds, the technical mode and the consumer mode.

types of diamonds

Consumer mode to classify diamonds

As consumers don’t know the technical aspects of stones when they purchase jewellery, hence they classify diamonds into four types depending on their appearances.

The four types are mentioned below:

Natural Diamonds: Well, the word natural diamond means white sparkling rock found gemstones. Yes, they are naturally occurring gemstones, mainly colorless or white.

Treated diamonds: They are artificially advanced versions of natural diamonds. They are mined like normal diamonds only their attributes are manipulated to make them look greater.

For instance, they surpass inclusion filling where the inclusions in the stone are hidden. They may also undergo color enhancement.

Man-made diamonds: They are lab-grown diamonds. They are technological products and their manufacturing is done at a lower cost, hence they are available at cheaper rates.

Natural colored diamonds: They are rarely found. They are available in different colors like blue, red, green, black and blue.

Technical mode to classify diamonds

Being a purchaser, you should be well-aware of the technical mode of classification too. The trace elements present in the diamond can affect the price of the stone to a great extent.

They also lead to the impurities formation in the stone.

Type Ia: This kind of diamond has a high clusters of nitrogen in the crystal lattice. The stone radiates a yellow tint. The nitrogen atoms collect in groups of three and absorb blue spectrum wavelength. Thus, the reflect yellow light.

Type IIa: This type is regarded as the most precious diamond. They are rare and don’t have any nitrogen impurities. They form due to high pressure for a long time period.

As they don’t have impurities they reflect light and hold an amazing appearance. Kohinoor is a great example for this.

Type Ib: They are less common in comparison to the other types of diamonds. In this, one nitrogen atoms are spread over the structure rather than clusters.

It makes the diamond absorb the blue spectrum wavelength. They have yellow, brown or orange.

Type IIb: Diamonds as IIb type don’t have any nitrogen. They have boron.

It makes type IIb diamonds conduct electricity which gives them a blue shade or bluish gray color as boron absors red spectrum wavelength of the light. They are rare and highly valuable

So, these are the different types of diamonds available to any buyer for purchase. Make sure you keep these types in mind before making your purchase or sale.

According to diamond lighthouse when you are looking on ways for how to sell my diamond online you should first judge about the type of diamonds you are owning.

This will give you an idea about the best price you can get from the buyers.

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