5 Best Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners (For Jewelry Lovers)

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

Dust accumulation along the edges of the jewelry (where diamonds are encrusted) is one major problem that many of us face. Therefore, professional cleaning will be required to retain the shine of jewelry.

If you want to clean your jewelry items without damaging them, it is always advisable that you give your jewels to a professional jeweler to clean for you.

A professional jeweler will help get rid of the dirt build-up that doesn’t go off with ease when you clean it at home.

Though professional cleaning seems to be a prudent choice, everyone has preferences and there is a question of reliability. It is not easy to trust your professional jewelry cleaning stores.

Moreover, as these professionals can be expensive to hire, not many people can afford them for the regular cleaning of their jewelry pieces. Thus, cleaning it at home seems to be a sensible alternative.

We recommend you buying a brilliant ultrasonic device for this which can save lots of time and money for you while cleaning your jewelry at home.

Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

5 Best Digital Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners

To begin with, you want to make sure you have a machine that can get the job done very well.

What follows is a list of 5 brilliant quality digital ultrasonic cleaners that can help you accomplish the tedious jewelry cleaning task within few minutes.

1- GemOro Ultrasonic Cleaner

GemOro Powerful Ultrasonics is a division of Sy. Kessler Sales Inc., engaged in the manufacturing of high quality personal ultrasonic cleaner, steamer and solutions for the jewelry cleaning industry.

In addition, they also manufacture a range of other products that are helpful for professionals in the Jewellery industry.

GemOro ultrasonic cleaner has been branded as the most powerful cleaner of a highly professional grade right for those having a discriminating taste for haute couture jewelry.

Those looking for a high-quality jewelry cleaner at home can also make use of these machines for getting the most effective long-lasting results.

The array of jewelry cleaning products and machines manufactured by them are made available through Kessler’s worldwide network of authorized distributors and dealers.

Believe me, blowing away the dirt and grime from even the minute corners of intricately designed jewelry in a matter of seconds is now a breeze these high-quality GemOro cleaning devices.

Why GemOro?

GemOro ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is designed not only to help clean but also to add sparkle to the items (including diamond jewelry) through digital systems that are advanced and are easily controlled.

GemOro is unique in characteristics as they provide the cleaners that have a combination of steam and ultrasonic cleaning system which adds to the advantage of the cleaning and drying jewelry in a better and faster way.

  • To make the cleaning faster, you have the option of choosing the dual cleaning modes for power and turbo sweeping.
  • LED indicator lights showing the time of steaming and illuminating the jewelry during the process of steam cleaning. Users have the advantage to know exactly how much cleaning has been done and whether all the nook and crannies have been accessed.
  • These are ETL listed and are safe to use with no health hazards to either the person using them or to those nearby the system.
  • The body cabinets are made durable with ABS long life which helps in the process of cleaning for long, in a cost-effective way.

What’s more amazing is the fact, you can just use tap water for cleaning. However, you also have the choice of using quality cleaning solutions to be put inside the tank for achieving even better results.

2- iSonic Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

iSonic is a digital ultrasonic cleaner which is a good option for giving as a gift for jewelry lovers.

Your loved ones not only can clean the expensive jewelry items but also the watches, dentures, and other items using this cleaning device.

This device has a cleaning tank of 600 ml which is good for cleaning all types of jewelry items at home.

The machine utilizes 42,000 cycle energy waves for cleaning the items effectively. It has a bright digital display that enables you to look for the cleaning done clearly.

The 5 preset cleaning modes enable you to clean the jewelry and other items precisely with full control.

This automatic jewelry cleaner is fully automated and therefore you need not look at the cleaning task.

You can let the cleaner do its job while you attend your other household core jobs. And when you return you will get all your items cleaned just as new.

Overall this powerful cleaner is a good option for home as well as for business use.

3- Magnasonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

If you are looking for an ornament cleaner that also cleans various other delicate items in your household, then this is the right cleaner device for you.

Magnasonic Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner is a powerful professional digital ultrasonic cleaning machine that is good to clean all your rings, necklaces, coins, razors, dentures, combs, instruments, eyeglasses, watches, dentures, retainers, etc. in just a few minutes.

You need not worry about these items as the cleaner works very well to remove even the most stubborn blemishes form your items, without damaging them.

Its 3-minute cleaning cycle and auto shut off feature enables you to clean all the items very gently and quietly.

You can add regular tap water for cleaning the items. However, adding detergent is advised for getting enhanced cleaning the stubborn blemishes.

Not only for home, but this is also a perfect cleaning device for labs, electron workshops, jewelry shops, hospitals & dentists, mobile phone shops, clocks & watches shops, etc.

4- Ukoke Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

Ukoke professional digital ultrasonic jewelry cleaner which also cleans items such as eyeglasses, CDs, DVDs, metal dishware, infantile articles, pen heads, printer heads, small metal parts, ancient coins, etc. very efficiently.

You just need to fill the tank of the unit with regular tap water. Place the items to be cleaned inside the water tank and press the “ON” button.

The high-frequency vibration and powerful transducers produce 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves which clean the items placed in the tank quickly without damaging them.

This Ukoke Ultrasonic cleaner also comes with 5 working cycles and you can choose the time settings (180s, 280s, 380s, 480s, the 90s) as per your need and items to be cleaned.

The device comes with a jewelry basket, watch holder, CD/DVD stand, and an easy to understand instruction manual.

The machine also comes with after-sales service and 30 days money-back guarantee which is additionally backed up with 12 months warranty from the manufacturer.

5- DB-Tech Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner

DBTech Ultrasonic cleaner is a highly efficient cleaning machine which is of great use when you want to get quality and precise cleaning of your expensive products.

Most importantly this cleaner is useful for cleaning expensive and antique jewelry.

It is also popularly used for cleaning dentures, expensive watches, eyeglasses, lenses, electric shaver heads, photo lenses, retainers, ornaments, and many more delicate household items.

This cleaner helps the removal of dirt, scale, and impurities like grease, oil, soil, abrasive dust, paint, corrosion, etc. with great ease in just 3 minutes.

You just need to fill the tank with plain tap water and switch On the machine for getting cleaned items.

The machine has a stainless steel tank of 17-ounce capacity which works very quietly without any disturbance.

The 5 individual cycles and auto shut off feature makes the cleaner the best for using as a jewelry cleaner.

This compact size DBTech digital ultrasonic cleaner makes the machine easy for carrying which can be placed anywhere in-home or at the office.

You can check the review online at Amazon to find more about this machine before buying one for gifting.

The 8oz Concentrate non-toxic gem and jewelry cleaner are provided when you purchase this cleaner online.

This can be used with regular tap water to clean the items using the sonic cleaning machines or manually. This solution is environmentally friendly and has a pleasant odor.

Additionally, there is DB Roth All-in-one 100% Cotton Flannel included for cleaning and polishing the jewelry at home or at professional jewelry shops.

This non-abrasive buffing cloth is useful for restoring the sparkling shine of your jewel items without any risk.

Factors to Look At When Buying

Are you planning to buy an ultrasonic cleaner at Amazon? Let me tell you that there is a wide variety available to choose from!

And for this reason, people often get into a dilemma, when they actually need to buy the best machine for personal use.

But worry not, finding the best ultrasonic cleaner is not a  problem anymore.

There are certainly a few things you should know when buying the best ultrasonic cleaner at the Amazon store.

Here is a list of the 5 most important ones you should look at:

1- The Size or Capacity

You have to ensure that the ultrasonic tank of the machine you choose is of the right size. Avoid buying a unit that is too small for your heavy parts, or a unit that cannot handle the number of parts you are placing into it.

If you feel the unit you are purchasing is very small (before you purchase it), then it will certainly be very small when you start using it.

Consequently, you will not be able to gain a great many benefits out of your ultrasonic cleaning as you will most probably place even more parts than you actually imagined.

Check and find the tank capacity of the ultrasonic cleaner that suits your cleaning needs.

600 ml to 750 ml tank (about 20 oz) is an ideal recommended tank size capacity for basic cleaning purposes. You can go for it unless you require the bigger machine for professional cleaning.

2- Power and Frequency

Right cleaning power is necessary for your application and cleaning needs. So, it is best to discuss your requirement with a qualified ultrasonic company in order to understand what is necessary.

Mostly, ultrasonic cleaners are equipped with the right ultrasonic power and frequency for different kinds of operations.

Thus while choosing your best ultrasonic cleaning machine to ensure that you get the right frequency for your application.

Most applications are outfitted with 40-45 kHz frequency.

But if you have any special requirements (such as sub-micron cleaning, fine cleaning of delicate jewelry items, cleaning sensitive electronics, etc) then the needed frequency is higher which may range from 68 kHz to 130 kHz.

Also, it is important to note that a lower frequency range makes a device a bit louder or noisy.

So if you want to have a low noise device it is must get the optimum frequency range (which is 35-45 kHz). Consider this element very important and ensure that you get the right frequency range while buying.

3- Process and Features

An Ultrasonic process consists of the dwell time of the unit along with the chemistry concentration and the bath temperature. So, you are advised to get a ‘how to do process sheet’ from your ultrasonic cleaner manufacturer.

Another important factor is cycle time. If you are comfortable with turning on the heater when the cleaning process is going on, then you can go for a cleaner that has low cycle times.

However, if you are looking for an ultrasonic cleaner that requires little supervision, then it is wise to pick one that has longer cycle times.

Most items require 15 – 30 minutes cycle time. But to clean stubborn dirt and grime, you will need units with longer cycle times.

4- Chemistry and Solvents

Even though the majority of ultrasonic applications are cleaned in water-based solutions, they also need certain kinds of soap additive or solvents for the stubborn filthy matter that is adhered to the surface of the metal.

So, you need to get the right cleaning solution or solvent from your manufacturer that is best recommended to use in the machine you choose.

These solutions when heated inside the bath tank penetrates deeply into the hard to clean surfaces. Thus efficiently removing all the grime and debris in a matter of just a few minutes which is hard to remove by using plain water.

5- Warranty and Services

This is most important to check when you buy an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Make sure that the warranty services offered by the manufacturer are easily accessible and are not too costly for you.

Without a proper warranty, the gadget such as this one can get you in trouble and may cost you much in case of break down.

Additionally, you need to check for the available after-sales services and support which will help you operate your machine in an efficient manner.

What Are The Various Uses of Ultrasonic Cleaners?

The ultrasonic cleaners are employed in removing dust particles with the help of the microbubbles. Well, one could clean metals, glass, ceramic, rubber plastics with the help of these ultrasonic cleaners.

That is why these industrial ultrasonic cleaners are widely accepted in industries. Well, various stores sell various cleaning devices.

Here are the lists of various uses of ultrasonic cleaners:

Cleaning of jewelry:

It is tough to clean jewelry like a ring, earrings, a necklace with a brush. It is better to get jewelry cleaners to get outstanding results. The jewelry cleaners can clean all kinds of gold and silver jewelry. In fact, these jewelry cleaners use water to remove the dirt. It is better to use effective solutions for jewelry cleaning.

Optical purposes:

The ultrasonic cleaners are in great demand amongst the people related to the optical industry. These cleansers are useful for cleaning various types of glasses. In fact, they effectively clean out watches, contact lenses, and all other optical materials.

Medical purposes:

The industrial ultrasonic cleaners are also used for cleaning endoscope tubes, blades, forceps, and needles. In order to prevent infections, the ultrasonic cleaners are also used for orthopedic purposes. These are used for pharmaceutical purposes. Moreover, medical laboratories are also indulging these cleaners.

Auto service purposes:

Sometimes the automobile equipment also requires rigorous cleaning. In fact, in the automobile industry, these cleaners are used to clean crankshafts, pistons, gears, bearings. These days more advanced and updated ultrasonic cleaners provide effective results. These cleaners provide complete cleaning and rinsing of the parts as well.

Hardware purposes:

These ultrasonic cleaners are used to clean various types of hardware products like taps. There is a fair chance for these taps of being corroded. Therefore, it is good to use these cleaners. It is also used to clean utensils, pots, etc.

There are some other fields where these cleaners widely used are:

  • Printing purposes
  • Air conditioning industry
  • Compact disk producers

Hope you understood the impacts of these cleaners in various fields. One should definitely check out the features of these cleaners before buying one for their personal use.

They are no doubt the best and can save you a lot of time and money. Well if you really do not want to run out of your pocket, then you should get a small and compact device for your home.

Should You Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner for Diamonds?

Although using the ultrasonic cleaner for diamonds is not recommended all the time if you purchase a most reliable ultrasonic jewelry cleaner for diamonds like Magnasonic or iSonic, you can, of course, try it for home use once in a while.

The reason to use ultrasonic jewelry cleaning for gemstones and platinum is, it’s less expensive compared to what you pay for the professional cleaning at the jewelry shops.

But as not all the sonic jewelry cleaners are good to be used for gemstones, diamond or platinum jewelry, we usually recommend checking with your manufacturer or an instruction manual provided with your ultrasonic jewelry cleaner so that you can confirm about it before using.

When you are using this ultrasonic machine for cleaning a diamond ring and jewelry, you need to make sure that:

  • Never turn on the unit without the water or cleaning solution in it
  • The unit should not be left unattended while in operation – it should be kept safely out of the reach of children
  • You use only the approved cleansing solution should. Any deviation from it can wreak damage on your diamond ring cleaner unit

Lastly, scrubbing of the diamond ring should be completely avoided – before or after the cleaning process.

How to Clean Your Jewelry and Diamond Ring at Home without a Machine?

The process described below will guide you on how to clean your diamond or sapphire platinum engagement ring to keep its beauty everlasting. You might like to clean it on a daily basis. Or just a thorough cleaning once in a while is also helpful.

Steps for Daily Cleaning

If you are using your sapphire or diamond platinum ring regularly on a daily basis, you might need to clean it daily. Investing just a few minutes daily can preserve its shine and brilliance. Here are quick steps that you can follow:

  • For regular cleaning take a soft cloth of cotton
  • Soak it in warm water added with mild soap or jewelry cleaning solvent
  • Wipe the ring properly with the soaked piece of cotton
  • And finally, wipe it with a piece of cotton soaked in freshwater
  • This will keep your ring gleaming always

Steps for Thorough Cleaning

Steps followed for thoroughly cleaning your platinum and sapphire rings are:

  • Take some warm water in a bowl
  • Put a little amount of any soft, trusted soap (Your hand wash might serve the purpose)
  • Place the ring in the bowl and leave it for some time (around 15 minutes).
  • Take the ring out and scrub softly
  • You might take the help of a soft jewelry cleaning brush for this purpose
  • You should take care while scrubbing so that the brush should reach every nook and corner of the ring
  • Now wash it in clean mild-warm water
  • And finally, dry it up by soaking the excess water in a soft cotton strip
  • This will keep your ring sparkling

Hopefully, these tips and cleaning advice will help you a lot and will make your engagement ring made up of platinum and sapphire shining just as new always.

Cleaning devices such as ultrasonic jewelry cleaners are also recommended by professional jewelers if you want to clean your expensive engagement ring at home without any trouble.

Some of the jewelers also use steam cleaners after using the ultrasonic cleaners for cleaning and shining the valuable rings.

To Conclude:

Above are a few of the best ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machines which we feel fit for gifting to anyone you love and care about. There are many more options available when you look for them online, you can choose one of the best you feel as per your requirement.

What matters most is the feeling of affection and care which you can show to your loved ones when you are gifting them the items which help them for a lifetime.

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