Vitalius Baby Nail File: Forget All The Troubles of Trimming your Baby’s Nails

Baby Nail File is a brand new product that has been launched by Vitalius Brand for parents who are always worried about the nails of their baby. With this awesome product, filing your baby’s nails is just made easy, safe and affordable.

As baby’s nails are thin and sharp it is often hard to care for them. However if not taken care properly in a timely manner it could prove to be unsafe for your little one. This baby nail file product is designed to safely care for your baby’s nails without any worry.

Vitalius – Baby Nail File is made up of high quality glass which does not dull or wear out like emery boards. Due to its high quality material it perform well just like new for years. The design is perfectly suitable for your baby and they do not ever cry while getting their nail trimmed with this product. The file comes with smooth rounded ends with no sharp edges. And for this reason this does not even pinch cut or abrade baby’s tender skin.

Furthermore this nail file for babies is far more effective than clippers, scissors, or cutters. Without damaging the nails of your young ones it can file the nail easily in any direction. You can use it for new-borns or even kids of any age.

The product will be on sale from April 1, 2017 by Vitalius and you can buy it on a special price with the promo code: VH5RW7P5. You should really not miss this out in case if you have small kids in your home. The set comes with two beautiful files (pink and blue) with cute animal pictures for grabbing your kids’ attention. It can be a perfect gift idea for new moms and baby showers as well.

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