Washable Breastfeeding Pads for Nursing Moms

Get The Benefits of Hypoallergenic, Leak Proof Reusable Bamboo Pads

Breast feeding is the right choice to nourish the new born. This is practical, efficient and easy and creates a great bond with the baby. Being the main concern of the nursing period, it is essential to take care of the bra and clothing with the use of an absorbent pad that keep the moisture away and gives a comfort feel all through the day.

If you have had a bad experience in the early lactation to the post weaning, then Washable breast feeding Pads are the right choice and healthier for the mother and baby without the need to give up absorbency.


These leak proof nursing pads are designed to wick the breast milk which leaks out in the center of the pad. The use of washable pads keeps the nipple free from staining the bra and the outer garments while nursing. Addition features of these nursing pads, which makes them unique and worth buying include:

  • Provides soft, firm and perfect fit, feel with a secure hold all through the day.
  • Just a simple slip the pads in the nursing bra let you enjoy utmost comfort.
  • These nursing pads are designed and made from the best quality organic bamboo fibers to ensure optimum absorbency.
  • These washable breastfeeding pads let your skin breathe and help to prevent the inflaming sore breasts and irritations.
  • Even locks the odors around the breast area and let you enjoy a worry free day.
  • Is 100% leak proof and is enforced with an ultra absorbent core, additional leakage protection blockade and a waterproof layer.
  • Saves you from the embarrassing moments of leakage, wetting bars and other accidents.
  • Is washable, reusable and fits into the budget.
  • Designed for a long term use and presented to handle most of the machine clean cycles.
  • Purchasing these reusable pads let you maintain your breast shape and put an end to the low quality and under-performing disposable pads.

As a gift, you get a reminder bracelet to keep track of last feeding side and a washing bag to add the baby’s delicate clothes to the wash cycle and enjoy comfort wash.

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