What Is Astral Projection and How To Protect Yourself From Its Bad Impacts?

Astral Projection

The astral projection is defined as out of body experience that is separated from the physical body. When people sleep or lays unconscious, that time soul’s journey to the higher realm by leaving the physical body is interpreted as astral travel. It is deeply rooted from the concept of the afterlife sensation.

Astral Projection

Astral Projection

It is also experienced during surgical anesthesia, dream, deep sleep, meditation and so on. Mainstream science depicts it as a hallucination usually caused by the neurological or psychological disorder. This is an eerie sensation.

People experience these when they are forced to have some paranormal activities. The astral travel could be dangerous sometimes. If you see some devastating things in this situation, you must lose your energy and even it could cause psychological disorder.

If you are mentally strong and know about how to come out of this and can protect yourself from every situation, then do not need to worry. You are safe in this situation. If you are willing to experience this, you are suggested to control over the preliminary and lucid dreaming first.

In this way you can understand that how to keep your body in your control when you sleep. This will help you to awake when your mind you will be sleeping. One of ten people must experience this out of body sensation in their respective life. When you will be in this state, you can spend a nice time with your fiction perhaps always not possible in the consciousness.

You can wander all the places you long for. You can fly and take the pleasure in the beauty of the dreamy life that could not be possible in the real life. So without freaking it, you are suggested to get control over your body and take the pleasure of this feeling.

You can visit other planes that perhaps are not compatible with the energy level. If you are meeting such condition frequently, you are advised to talk the people you know experienced theoretically and can guide you better. Or else there are lots of blogs and sites working in the same.

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