What is Fibromyalgia: How It Affects Your Life?

Fibromyalgia might be unknown term for most of us, but according to many it is one of the common arthritis related disorder after osteoarthritis. To be explained in simple terms, Fibromyalgia is the illness that has effects on the muscles and joints in the human body. The illness often is misunderstood and misdiagnosed and majorly replaced with the name of Arthritis.

Approximately 5 million people in USA suffer from chronic pain and fibromyalgia syndrome. As such diagnosis of Fibromyalgia is difficult as it can misdiagnose often. It is because; there is no specific test like laboratory tests or X-rays that proves fibromyalgia. And as a result it is majorly diagnosed with the symptoms.


What are the common symptoms and its causes?

A set of symptoms when exist together is a syndrome, and this is one of those illness that, implies it presence, having greater chance of developing to the further level. Fibromyalgia is a condition where the person feels fatigued and experience tendon, joint, muscle pain in various parts of the body such as neck, hips, legs, shoulders.

One of the major reasons behind the cause of Fibromyalgia is lack of Serotonin. It is a chemical developed by the brain itself and, is also responsible in controlling mood swings. Due to the lack of this biological element in the body anxiety, depression and stress in the person is seen which ultimately has a negative impact on the various parts of the body. However; numerous people across the world are being affected by Fibromyalgia syndrome, and still are not yet acquainted of what is Fibromyalgia? Although the exact cause of this illness is not known, this condition is often linked with the following causes and conditions:

  • Co-relation with the person’s genes
  • Stressful events and traumatic incidents such as accidents
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • People who has sensitive nature
  • Certain disease like arthritis, spondylitis

Cures Available:

Now that we know brief about what is Fibromyalgia? We go further more in knowing the treatments through this blog. Interestingly, the person with the symptoms/signs of Fibromyalgia can be cured if he/she carefully manage and plan to take up the treatment. However the treatment certainly varies from one person to another depending upon the various factors. If the person is positively able to work on its stress levels, then there is certainly a key to treat the Fibromyalgia illness fast and effectively.

Chronic pain and fibromyalgia can be treated in a number of ways. Besides traditional treatment, many holistic and natural options out there. Aqua therapy and physical therapy helps to relieve pain and muscle stiffness. Lower back pain can be improved with Chiropractic care. It helps to relax the nerves as well. In order to relieve stress, Biofeedback is used. With Acupuncture chemistry of brain can be changed so that tolerance of pain increases.

Yoga, aerobics, and other exercises help to get fit and flexible body. Meditation and relaxation techniques help to lower stress level. Deep tissue massage and aromatherapy help to reduce the chronic pain. There are gadgets and devices such as aroma diffusers available which can help in enjoying the benefits of aromatherapy.

These techniques also improves the quality of sleep as well as reduces pain. With variety of treatments that are available, one has to choose what works best for him by consulting his physician. Healthy lifestyle along with taking right medication can help to control the chronic pain fibromyalgia effectively. So do not wait and take the right decision to effectively heal the problem.

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