What your eyes say about your personality?

Most people form an opinion about other people in the first few seconds of eye contact. Many would say, “There’s something about the eyes.” It may seem silly, but scientific studies show that there just may be something in that.

It appears there is a close link between eye color and personality, because the same genetic codes that shape the color and structure of the iris (the colored part of the eyes) also dictate the formation of the frontal cortex, which controls personality traits.


The most thorough eye exam will probably tell you less about someone’s personality than a quick glance. The next time you make a snap judgment about someone you just met, trust your instincts. Here are some general perceptions about a person based on their eye color.

  • Brown eyes – perceived as a born leader, intelligent, with an agreeable personality; athletic; consumes less alcohol than people with lighter-colored eyes; the same perceptions apply to people with dark brown and the very rare black eyes; generally has less quality of sleep and tends to be cranky in the morning
  • Blue eyes – timid and wary yet competitive and egotistical; women with blue eyes take childbirth in stride better than those with dark eyes, being less susceptible to postpartum depression
  • Dark gray eyes – well balanced; resilient; may have a tendency for “split” personalities
  • Light gray eyes – introverted; caring; wary
  • Hazel eyes – rare eye color, lending a sense of uniqueness to the owner; spontaneous; independent; confident; prone to digestive problems
  • Green eyes – sexy; fascinating; inscrutable; agreeable and aggressive in turns, as well as wary and independent; slow to anger; self-sufficient; unpredictable

These traits are general perceptions, and may not always apply to everyone. However, if you have always suspected you had untapped qualities, this may serve as your guide to finding the true you!


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