Reasons for Women’s Hair Loss And How To Fix The Problem?

There exist several causes for the women’s hair problem. But the main cause will be the Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is a derivative of the male sex hormone testosterone which is the exclusive culprit for the hair loss and the enemy for the hair follicles. Even though the DHT is a male hormone it is also available in minor quantity with the females under normal conditions. In case of hair loss and balding process this DHT is available abundant in the balding areas.

The researchers found out that the amount of circulating testosterone is not making the issue but the level of DHT binding to the receptors availed with the hair follicles makes the hair loss issue readily. This DHT causes shrinkage of the hair follicles which in turn makes the existing healthy hair impossible to survive.

Hair Loss

This mechanism happens with both the sexes. When comparing to men, the women has very minute amount of testosterone only, even this minute fraction causes or triggers the hair loss in women. When this testosterone and DHT levels are under normal conditions obviously the hair loss will be either less or nil. Even if the DHT level is normal in the body, certain women feel more hair loss. This is because of their body’s high sensitivity to the particular chemical and hormone.

Thus the imbalance in the hormonal levels of the body triggers the hair follicles to get damage which in turn causes gradual hair loss and finally ending with baldness. Generally the hormones in the human body are cyclical. The testosterone levels in men drop 10% down with each decade after the age of 30, whereas in women the levels drop gradually as menopause approaches and drops sharply during the menopause and after. The same wise the women’s hair loss also starts gradually and finally ends up with either partial baldness or complete baldness.

To fix women’s hair loss problem main things that have to be followed are as follows:

  • Following a stress free life
  • Maintaining the body metabolism constantly by doing regular physical activity
  • Consuming a balanced and nutritious diet

How to Fix Women’s Hair Loss

Hair loss exists as a temporary problem or sometimes even as a long lasting problem. Temporary hair loss can be treated easily once you find out the root cause for the issue. But leaving untreated may lead to permanent and constant hair loss.

Most of the time due to the wrong diagnosis the hair loss problem may be left as such which results into a chronic problem. The hair loss is a big health issue among women than men because of the high beauty concern of females than males.

The hair loss occurs in women due to several factors and causes such as menstruation, PCOD, pregnancy, stress, improper dietary habits, lack of physical activity, etc. The women’s hair loss problem increases day by day regardless of the age.

Starting from the school going girl till the granny, everyone are facing this problem in their lifetime. To fix women’s hair loss problem there are so many treatment modalities available at present. Some of them are as follows:


Prepare amla oil by boiling the dry amla pieces in the coconut oil. Applying this amla oil regularly will ward of the dandruff and increases the hair growth with decreasing the hair loss. Preparing the shampoo by mixing equal quantity of fresh amla juice and lime juice and using regularly during the head wash also stimulate hair growth and prevents the hair loss effectively.

Coconut Milk

Applying the coconut milk in the scalp region and massaging smoothly nourishes the hair follicles and thus promotes the hair growth with reducing the hair loss readily.


Onion is one of the good remedial items for the hair loss where you have to rub the onions over the patchy bald area of the head till getting red. After this apply honey over there to soothe the part.

Mustard and Henna

Applying the oil made of mustard and henna leaves gives best results for hair loss. In a container mix 250 ml of mustard oil and 60 grams of henna leaves. Boil the oil till the henna leaves are burnt properly. Then filter the oil and use regularly for massaging the head.

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